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What type of approach light can I use?

Luminaires for high intensity approach lighting systems may be inset or elevated, depending on their position in the system. High intensity inset luminaires are used where the approach system is partially installed in the paved area

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Are approach lights frangible ?

Elevated approach lights and their supporting structures shall be frangible. Where the height of a supporting structure exceeds 12m, the frangibility requirement shall apply to the top 12m only, and where a supporting structure is surrounded by non-frangible objects, only that part of the structure that extends above the surrounding objects shall be frangible

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What is a simple approach lighting system?

A simple approach lighting system consists of a row of lights on the extended centre line of the runway extending, whenever possible, over a distance of not less than 420 m from the threshold with a row of lights forming a crossbar 18m or 30m in length at a distance of 300m from the threshold.

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What is a Precision approach category II and III lighting system?

This type of approach lighting system usually consists of a row of lights on the extended centre line of the runway, extending, wherever possible, over a distance of 900 m from the runway threshold.

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Why do we need an approach system?

The complete Approach Lighting system is made up of several parts, each designed to meet one or more lighting objectives. When combined, the system makes it easy for pilots to visually identify the runway environment and correctly align the aircraft with the runway.

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An effective Approach Lighting system will significantly enhance the safety of aircraft operations, particularly during periods of poor visibility. The extent to which a particular airport is equipped will depend upon its licensing category and the need to continue operations during periods of poor visibility.

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What is the purpose of runway approach lights? ›

Runway guard lights are installed at taxiway/runway intersections. They are primarily used to enhance the conspicuity of taxiway/runway intersections during low visibility conditions, but may be used in all weather conditions.

What is the difference between Alsf 1 and Alsf 2? ›

ALSF-1 is less common by far in the U.S., and is the same as the ALSF-2 up to the last 1000 feet. The ALSF-1 loses the red side-row bars and puts a wing-shaped pattern of red lights in the last 200 feet to the threshold. These are the terminating bars in 91.175.

What is the length of the approach lighting for a cat I system? ›

The Runway Visual Range (RVR) for Category I operations are between 550 metres (1800 feet) and 800 metres (2600 feet) for ICAO and FAA, depending on the conditions of the approach and equipment.

What is the summarization about approach lighting? ›

Approach lights are the first lights that pilot will 'reach' during landing. They are of white color, unidirectional, blinking or steady type of lights. Approach lights are located prior to the runway.

What are the main elements of the approach lights? ›

An approach lighting system (ALS) is a lighting system installed on the approach end of an airport runway and consisting of a series of lightbars, strobe lights, or a combination of the two that extends outward from the runway end.

What voltage are runway lights? ›

Standard voltages of lighting runway cables are 5KV and 600 volts.


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