How to get verified on Facebook? (2023)

I recently just updated this article to reflect the latest changes to getting verified on Facebook. Enjoy!

Ahh, the blue checkmark. The one additional feature that your Facebook page can have over your friends’ pages.

Every day, I get tons of messages about this. But is it worth it and will it transform your business? and what are the steps to apply?

Getting verified on Facebook (whether it is a personal profile or a page)is actually very simple.

In this post, I list the steps that you need to follow to get that highly sought-after blue verification badge to your name. (Note: the grey badge is no longer available)

I decided to break it down into 3 parts:

  1. How to get yourpersonalprofile or business Facebook page ready for the blue badge
  2. Steps to apply via the Facebook form
  3. FAQ – Benefits of being verified, length of approval and more

You might be wondering if you need a lot of followers to get verified. This doesn’t seem to be the case as long as you can prove you are someone worthy of a blue badge.

So read on to figure out how to get verified on Facebook.

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Facebook verification link

If you are just looking for the verification contact form, here it is. Good luck!

If that doesn’t work, paste this link on your browser:

(Video) How to Verify Facebook Account 2022 | Facebook Account ko Blue Badge se verify Kaise Kare

If that still doesn’t work, then your country isn’t eligible. This link works as of March 12, 2022 in the United States. This is what it looks like.

How to get verified on Facebook? (1)

1. How to get yourpersonal profile or business page or profile ready for verification (Blue Badge)

First, let me start by saying that not every page or profile can be verified, unfortunately.

Similar to Instagram verification requirements, Facebook states that your account needs to meet the following 4 requisites to be verified. Your account should be:

  1. Authentic: Your account must represent a real person, registered business or entity.
  2. Unique: Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one account per person or business may be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. They don’t verify general interest accounts (example: Funny Memes, Rap Videos, etc).
  3. Complete: Your account must be active and have an about section, profile photo and at least one post.
  4. Notable: Your account must represent a well-known, often searched person, brand or entity. They review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and they don’t consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.

While most personal pages will be fine meeting the first 3 requirements, the #4 one (notability) is the hardest one to achieve.

It requires that you know how to get press for yourself. (<–read that article to find out how).

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Here’s how you can ensure your page meets all the criteria before requesting verification:

  • Post high-quality, professional and engaging content. That means very good images, high engagement, and an overall cohesive brand feel. (Optional: you can run ads to boost your posts)
  • Link to your profile or Page from your official website. (optional, but why wouldn’t you)
  • For a Facebook Page, different types of basic information boxes will appear in your Page’s About section depending on your Page’s category. It’s important to add accurate details so that people can quickly learn about your Page. Include your website, address, phone number, awards, bio, and more. The more complete it is, the better.
  • For a Facebook profile, provide accurate information in your profile. Include in your About section a website address that is registered in your name. Make your profile public by default so that people can follow it. Have at least a few hundred followers (~500) before requesting a badge. Pro tip: You can convert your personal page into a profile and turn all your friends into likes.
  • Get press written about you and coverage on all major media (TV, print, web). Here’s how. Also here are some PR bundles you might like.

2. Steps and link to request verification

Once your profile or page is ready, it’s time to request FB badge verification.

  1. Head over to the official link to request a blue verification.
  2. Select whether you are verifying your Personal Profile or a Page
  3. For a page, select the page from the dropdown. For a profile, provide your profile link (i.e.
  4. Attach an official government-issued ID (profile) or tax return, documents of incorporation, utility bill (page).
  5. In the Additional Information textbox, introduce yourself and write a compelling reason as to why you should be verified. Here you should include your website andlinks to relevant press articlesor a Wikipedia page. Don’t make it an essay, keep it short and quick. You can do something like: I’m Alejandro Rioja, a serial entrepreneur, founder of Flux Ventures. You can read thepress I’ve gotten for myselfandmy companies.
  6. Hit Send and wait 2-30 days to hear back from Big Brother Facebook.

Read this: How to get verified on Instagram.

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Another helpful trick to see if you can get verified using Facebook Ads Manager

If you tried the above 2 options and couldn’t get verified AND are spending a considerable amount of money on Facebook Ads ($50k/mo+), try reaching out to them via your assigned Ad Account Representative and see if they can submit a verification request on your behalf.

3. FAQ

Who can get verified on Facebook?

Anyone that meets the 4 verification criteria stated by Facebook (authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability).

What’s the official link to request a verification on Facebook?

The link is here. Good luck!

What are the benefits of having a blue or grey badge? Is it worth it?

  • Automatic EGO boost (come on, you feel good when you see it)
  • Boosts the credibility of your business or your personal brand. Users will know they are interacting with the real page and not an impostor or fake account.
  • Clients will know that you take your social media game serious, specially if you are an Ad Agency, Coach, or other type of Influencer.
  • Verified pages will rank higher on Facebook’s Graph Search and on Google search results (Read how to do SEO).

To be honest, other than having a shiny badge next to your name, having a verified checkmark is not that exciting or worth it, especially if you are paying for one. I would highly encourage you not to buy Facebook verification.

Btw, I do NOT sell any sort of verifications.

How long does it take for Facebook to approve/reject a verification request?

For a grey badge, it can take anywhere from 48 hours to a week to receive a response from Facebook.

For a blue badge, it takes 3-45 days to hear back. Make sure to keep an eye out on your support inbox.

Why did Facebook reject my verification?

If you got your verification request denied it is most likely due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t have enough press. ->Learn how to get featured on Forbes, Techcrunch, etc.
  • You don’t have a Wikipedia. FYI, to get a Wiki, you first need high quality press.
  • You didn’t write a compelling enough reason or the ID you provided was blurry or not appropriate.
  • You don’t have enough native content on Facebook. -> They won’t verify a dead page.
  • Facebook is being very strict on who they verify and they won’t verify you unless you can prove your popularity.

If you got rejected, you can re-apply in 30 days.

What is the difference between the blue and gray badge?

As of October 2019, Facebook no longers offers grey badges to business pages. This is because it was confusing to users.

“Based on feedback, we’re removing the gray badge and focusing on other ways for businesses to show their authenticity on Facebook,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

(Video) How To Get Facebook Blue Verification Badge 2023 ? | Facebook Blue Verification Tick | Sinhala

Who got the blue verification check and who got the grey one?

How to get verified on Facebook? (6)

The blue checkmark is for large brands, media companies, or public figures (like the main @CVS page or @Drake).

The grey checkmark is for a particular store location (think Target on 4th street), or smaller businesses (like Mom and Pops Ice Cream).

How do I request business verification?

You can follow the steps outlined here.

What are the verified badge requisites for law enforcement, city governments, politicians and elected officials?

There are some additional requirements for verified Pages for law enforcement agencies, city governments, politicians, and elected officials.

Law enforcement:

  • Everyone who manages the Page must turn on2FA for their profiles.

City government:

  • The Page name must include the word “Government” to avoid confusion with a physical location.


  • The Page name can include a government title or abbreviation, such as senator, representative, MP, mayor, etc.
  • The Page name can’t include “for Governor,” “for [your Country],” etc.
  • The Page category must be “Politician”.

Elected official:

  • The Page name must include a government title or abbreviation, such as senator, representative, MP, mayor, etc.
  • The Page category must be set to Government Official.
  • The Page’s About section must clearly state that it’s a government Page.


So those are the steps to verify your page or profile on Facebook.

The application process has been streamlined but remember that you need significant press to get successfully verified.

If you got verified, congrats! That is a great step towards beefing up your social media presence.

If you are still not verified, let me tell you, you are not missing much. There are other better ways to interact and prove whatever you want to prove to your audience.

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Please share this article with your Facebook friends and marketers! Also let me know if you found any issues!

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