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Driving traffic to your website can be an overwhelming task, but it is a crucial part of every digital business. Without it, your website won't be able to sell products, generate leads, or even provide information to your audience.

Two of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website are email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). But how can you implement them in your marketing plan?

In this article, we will dive deeper into how these two strategies can work together to help you drive more traffic to your website and ways you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Why Email Marketing is Critical for Website Traffic

Email marketing is a marketing channel that can potentially give you an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent, making it the favorite strategy for many marketers. With the right strategy and consistency, you can use email campaigns to reach your target audience, build brand awareness, and increase your website's traffic and conversions.

Why choose email marketing to drive website traffic? The number of global email users in 2020 was a surprising 4 billion, and this number is predicted to reach 4.6 billion within the next five years. This means that half the world’s population has access to emails, and it is a great opportunity for marketers to use it for driving users to their websites and ultimately increase website traffic.

It’s about more than just numbers, though. An effective email campaign allows you to build a direct relationship with your audience.

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When someone subscribes to your email list, they indicate that they are interested in your business and want to hear more from you. By sending regular emails to your subscribers, you can keep them engaged with your brand and drive more traffic to your website.

In short, there is a lot of potential for driving truly interested customers to your website with email marketing.

How to use email marketing to boost website traffic

Email marketing has a lot of potential to traffic to your website. You can do more than just use it to communicate personally with your customers and start building brand awareness and loyalty. The question is how to get started with it.

You can boost your website traffic using email marketing with these steps:

  1. Build a Subscriber List

Before you can start sending promotional emails, you need to have people or subscribers to send them to. Build a list of subscribers by offering lead magnets such as e-books or discount codes in exchange for their email addresses. This helps retain existing subscribers and attract new ones. So, building a solid subscriber list should be your first priority!

  1. Segment Your List

Not all subscribers are the same, so it’s important to segment your list based on their interests and behavior. You can segment your email list based on factors such as demographics, interests, and behavior, and then send targeted emails that are more likely to resonate with different segments of users.

This can help you drive more traffic to your website by sending relevant messages that encourage your subscribers to take action. The more relevant your emails are for your audience, the higher your open rate will be.

  1. Use Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Subject lines are very crucial because it is the first thing your subscribers see, so it’s important to make them attention-grabbing and appealing. Use action words and urgency to encourage subscribers to open your email. Users opening your emails are the first priority and getting them to reach your website is the second, so it is important to work on your subject lines.

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  1. Provide Value

Nobody likes receiving spammy emails that are purely promotional. Create emails that provide value to your subscribers by offering useful information, tips, or advice related to your industry or niche.

When you provide value to your subscribers, they are more likely to open your emails and engage with them.

  1. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

CTAs are super important and they must be clear and encourage the subscribers to take action. This can include clicking through to your website, purchasing a product, scanning a QR code, or signing up for a free trial. So, make sure to include CTA in your email.

How SEO Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords and phrases. When you optimize your website for SEO, you can increase its visibility and drive more organic traffic.

Here are some tips on how to use SEO to drive more traffic:

  1. Keyword Research

Before you can optimize your website for SEO, you need to identify the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find relevant keywords and phrases. By including these terms in your content, you can improve your visibility in search results and attract more traffic.

  1. On-Page Optimization:

On-page optimization involves improving the content on your website based on the keywords you’ve identified. This process includes optimizing page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and content for relevant keywords. Make sure to create user-friendly content and optimize images as well while you work on the keywords

  1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves revamping the nuts and bolts of your website, such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, and site architecture. This can help improve the user experience and make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website. This will help users stay and engage with your website for a longer time.

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  1. Backlinking

Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your site. They are an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, so it’s important to get high-quality links from reputable websites. This involves getting other websites to link to your website, which can help to improve your website's authority and visibility in search results.

One way to build links is to create high-quality content that other websites will want to link to. You can also reach out to prospects to build links.
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Email Marketing and SEO | Nozzle (1)

  1. Content Creation

Creating high-quality, engaging content is an important part of SEO. When you have valuable content to offer to your audience, they will more likely want to come back some day.

Creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience can attract more visitors to your site and build brand awareness. So, sending out valuable and relevant content should also be your top priority.

Ways you can use email marketing to boost your SEO efforts

Email marketing and SEO can work together to create a powerful marketing strategy that can help drive more traffic to your website. Here are some amazing ways you can use email marketing to support your SEO efforts:

  1. Send newsletters that include links to your website content

Links to your website content in your email newsletters can encourage your subscribers to visit and engage with your content. This can help to improve your website's visibility in search results by driving more traffic to your website and help create a close relationship with subscribers.
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  1. Use email to promote your content

When you create new content for your website, such as blog posts or infographics, you can use email marketing to promote it to your subscribers.

Simply send an email that features your new content and includes a link to that site on your page, and you can encourage your subscribers to check it out. This can help to improve your website's visibility in search results by driving more traffic to your website and increasing your website's authority and engagement.

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Similarly, it can also help you advertise your product or service.

  1. Send personalized emails to segmented groups of users

Instead of sending bulk emails, you can start segmenting your email list based on user behavior, such as page views or clicks, and create targeted email campaigns that are more likely to resonate with each segment.

For example, you could send a targeted email campaign to subscribers who have visited a specific product page on your website, encouraging them to make a purchase. This way, you can improve your conversion rates and drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Include social sharing buttons in your emails

People love to share valuable content on social media. You can include social sharing buttons in your emails to encourage your subscribers to share your content on their social media.

This can help traffic to your website while building brand awareness. So, don’t forget to include social sharing buttons whenever you send an email!

  1. Make your emails engaging

Engaging emails include interactive forms, chats, and videos that allow the user to save time and get things done in real-time. So no more leaving things for later! With this, you could build up website traffic while getting more conversions.


Email marketing and SEO are two highly effective marketing strategies that can work together to help you drive more traffic to your website. When you use email marketing to promote your website content, segment your email list based on user behavior, and optimize your email content for search, you can achieve your marketing goals with better website optimization and more traffic.

A solid SEO and email marketing plan can get more website traffic and conversions when you commit to a consistent and proven strategy.

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How to use email marketing to drive traffic to a website? ›

How to Get Started with Email Marketing
  1. Choose an Email Marketing Software.
  2. Build Your List.
  3. Segment and Personalize.
  4. Engaging Email Subject Lines and Content.
  5. Essential Email Campaigns to Promote Your Website.
  6. Be Mindful of Your Sending Times.
May 26, 2022

How can I increase traffic to my website with SEO? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  1. Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  2. Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  3. Metadata. ...
  4. Have a link-worthy site. ...
  5. Use alt tags.

Does email traffic help SEO? ›

While email marketing doesn't directly influence SEO, you can use it to your advantage to drive traffic to your website. And getting relevant traffic can help reduce your bounce rates. You can also repurpose your newsletters and create blog posts, which can rank in searches.

How do I generate email traffic? ›

How to Increase Email Traffic
  1. Continuously build your email list. ...
  2. Don't rely on newsletter signups as your lead generation. ...
  3. Use a lead management strategy. ...
  4. Send relevant email. ...
  5. Create lead nurturing campaigns per segment. ...
  6. Don't forget to add UTM tags. ...
  7. Add links to your email.
Sep 3, 2020

What are the three strategies of SEO? ›

Here are three effective content strategies Lightfoot recommends marketers enact to support SEO success.
  • Identify user intent. “Intent is the purpose behind the [user's] search,” Lightfoot said. ...
  • Prioritize content quality, not quantity. ...
  • Focus on E-A-T through external linking and footnotes.
May 27, 2022

What are SEO strategies? ›

An SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website's content by topic to improve the likelihood of appearing in search results. Essentially, it is the process you follow in order to maximize the opportunity to gain organic traffic from search engines.

What's the easiest thing someone can do to boost their SEO? ›

Make sure your website is user-friendly

Make sure it's immediately clear to visitors who you are and what you're offering. Use a lot of headings to improve readability, and put your keywords in the headings. Headings stand out for search engines and will help you rank higher. Site speed is also important for SEO.

How do you create a winning email marketing strategy? ›

Each of these steps is essential for building an effective email marketing strategy.
  1. Choose your weapons wisely. ...
  2. Identify your target audience. ...
  3. Build your list of subscribers. ...
  4. Segment your list. ...
  5. Create emails that mesh with your brand and audience. ...
  6. Figure out your goals and how you will measure your campaign's success.
Oct 12, 2018

How do you optimize email marketing strategy? ›

8 email optimization strategies and companies who use them
  1. Create eye-catching subject lines. ...
  2. Evaluate the sender name. ...
  3. Develop personalized messaging. ...
  4. Write compelling content. ...
  5. Provide clear CTAs. ...
  6. Offer a variety of shareable links. ...
  7. Design for mobile applications. ...
  8. Provide an unsubscribe link.
Jun 22, 2020

What makes SEO successful? ›

Key SEO success factors include optimizing for the search experience, creating content for people (not search engines), and preparing for voice search.

What are the four C's of digital marketing? ›

Today the 4Ps of traditional marketing are being quickly replaced by what I call as the 4Cs of Digital Marketing. Product, Price, Promotion & Place today very rapidly are getting replaced by Content, Cost, Channel & Creativity. Content is the real king in the digital world.

How can I increase my SEO traffic in 30 days? ›

12 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site in 30 Days
  1. 1 Build an email list. ...
  2. 2 Blog regularly. ...
  3. 3 Engage with audiences on social media. ...
  4. 4 Use social media ads. ...
  5. 5 Create an account on StumbleUpon. ...
  6. 6 Do an SEO audit of your site. ...
  7. 7 Do more guest blogging. ...
  8. 8 Use internal links.
Oct 12, 2016

How much can SEO increase traffic? ›

The average SEO campaign generates 1000 percent more traffic than the average social media campaign.

Does SEO provide immediate traffic to a website? ›

Getting a high ranking in the organic search results pages of Google (SEO) can take several months, while search engine advertisements (SEA) are immediately visible on top of the search results. Therefore, search engine advertisements offer instant results in terms of website traffic.

Which traffic is target of SEO? ›

The SEO Traffic KPI measures the number of visits to your website that are the result of organic or paid search traffic. By coupling web visit metrics with goal-completion metrics, you get a complete picture of your SEO performance.

How do I grow my email list organically? ›

8 Ways to grow your email list organically (and fast)
  1. Offer incentives to people who subscribe to your list. ...
  2. Make your freebies more enticing than your competitors. ...
  3. Make sure your emails contain a sign-up button. ...
  4. Ask those on your list to help you spread the word. ...
  5. Thoroughly utilize social media platforms.

How much email traffic per day? ›

Approximently 347.3 billion emails are sent globally each day. That's an 4.2% increase from 2022 when 333.2 billion were sent each day. Further, the number of emails sent per day will likely continue to increase, as projections say up to 376 billion emails will be sent per day in 2025 (a 12.8% increase).

What is the golden rule of SEO? ›

The Golden Rule of SEO is "create content for users, not for search engines". This means that when creating website content, the primary focus should be on providing value to users and meeting their needs, rather than trying to manipulate search engine rankings by using keyword stuffing or other unethical tactics.

What are the 4 important stages in SEO? ›

Here are the four steps of the SEO process:
  • Get your technicals right.
  • Find a keyword to target.
  • Create an optimized page.
  • Build links to it.
Jan 30, 2023

What is the most common strategy for SEO? ›

SEO best practices are tasks designed to help improve a website's rankings. Common search engine optimization best practices include on-site optimization, researching keywords, and building backlinks to a site. In fact, only 63% of Google searchers ever click on something from the second page of search results.

How do I master SEO skills? ›

Now that we have that out of the way, let's dive into the step-by-step process of mastering SEO.
  1. Step 1: Master The Basics. ...
  2. Step 2: Dive Deeper Into The Technical Side. ...
  3. Step 3: Create An SEO Process. ...
  4. Step 4: Optimize Your Content. ...
  5. Step 5: Build Your Backlinks. ...
  6. Step 6: Don't Forget About Humans. ...
  7. Step 7: Never Stop Learning.
Oct 16, 2022

What is the biggest SEO challenge? ›

Problems around resourcing for SEO

And resourcing to meet the needs of plans can very often be the issue for SEOs. According to research by Search Engine journal 32.9% of SEOs cite lack or resources as the number one challenge they face.

How do you train someone for SEO? ›

Here are some of the most effective tips to train your SEO team:
  1. 2.1 Identify Training Essentials. ...
  2. 2.2 Choose a Training Medium. ...
  3. 2.3 Schedule Training Sessions. ...
  4. 2.4 Set Clear Goals and Expectations. ...
  5. 2.5 Establish Accountability and Evaluation. ...
  6. 2.6 Provide the Right Tools For the Job. ...
  7. 2.7 Delegate and Empower.

What are the four P's of successful strategy email? ›

The four Ps are product, price, place, and promotion.

What are the 3 main steps in email marketing? ›

3 Steps to Building a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  • Stage 1: Connect.
  • Stage 2: Educate.
  • Stage 3: Make an Offer.
  • Now You're Ready to Get Started.
Oct 11, 2016

How do I get more customers for email marketing? ›

7 Awesome Emails That Will Attract More Consumers
  1. Welcome emails. Also known as introductory emails, welcome emails simply introduce yourself and your business to potential customers. ...
  2. Limited Time Offers. ...
  3. Exclusive offers for subscribers. ...
  4. Product launches. ...
  5. New arrivals. ...
  6. Seasonal or holiday offers. ...
  7. Giveaways.

What are the top 3 most important things you would look at first before optimizing email marketing campaigns? ›

The most crucial elements of email marketing optimization are, email list, subject line, device friendliness, images, email copy, email deliverability, rendering, signature, testing, and performance monitoring.

What is the most important piece of an email marketing strategy? ›

Audience's Permission

The most important key in an email marketing campaign is to get the permission of the audience before contacting them. Members, who are not subscribed to your marketing emails, should NEVER be sent an email whatever the reasons.

What is SEO checklist? ›

The checklist also covers information about best practices for title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and more for on-page SEO. We explain how to do keyword research and incorporate keywords into your content. We cover off-page SEO strategies as well, including the importance of building backlinks.

What are the big C's marketing? ›

It can provide insight into the key drivers of success, as well as the risk exposure to various environmental factors. The 5Cs are Company, Collaborators, Customers, Competitors, and Context.

What are the 4Ps and 2 C's of marketing? ›

The 4 Ps are Product, Price, Promotion and Place - the four marketing mix variables under your control. The 3 Cs are: Company, Customers and Competitors - the three semi-fixed environmental factors in your market.

What are the top 5 ways to increase traffic to any website? ›

Try the following approaches to learn how to increase website traffic.
  • Optimize your content with keywords. ...
  • Create targeted landing pages. ...
  • Craft engaging, high-quality content. ...
  • Use digital ads to promote your site. ...
  • Boost your local search reputation. ...
  • Send emails that link to your website.

Can I learn SEO in 10 days? ›

If you can learn SEO for a couple of hours every day, then you can master the basics of SEO within 4-8 weeks and land your first SEO job in 3-6 months. If you can learn SEO full-time, then you can master the basics even within 1-2 weeks.

How can I get unlimited traffic to my website? ›

Here are 10 additional steps you can take to increase your website traffic.
  1. Get listed in online directories. ...
  2. Build backlinks. ...
  3. Post to social media. ...
  4. Include hashtags in your posts. ...
  5. Use landing pages. ...
  6. Target long-tail keywords. ...
  7. Start email marketing. ...
  8. Guest blog.

How to combine SEO and content marketing to achieve great results? ›

10 Tips for Combining SEO and Content Marketing
  1. Set common goals. ...
  2. Establish key performance indicators. ...
  3. Understand your target audience. ...
  4. Create SEO-optimized content. ...
  5. Research high-impression and relevant keywords. ...
  6. Attract online consumers through link building. ...
  7. Focus on internal link building.
Oct 13, 2015

How does SEO improve marketing? ›

By following practices that make your website easier for search engines to “crawl” (or evaluate), SEO marketing increases your website's visibility in the browser's search engine results, increasing the likelihood that your target customers will find you.

What is the difference between SEO and email marketing? ›

Almost every marketer has used both search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing to some degree. SEO helps your content rank higher in search engines. Email marketing puts your offerings in your subscribers' inboxes. Both are effective, and both are different.

How do I master SEO and grow my business? ›

How To Master SEO, According To 21 Experts [Infographic]
  1. The Way Of The SEO Master.
  2. Start by Creating. Produce Content. ...
  3. Master Your Tools. Use SEO Plugins on Wordpress.
  4. Be Vigilant Against Spammy Links. Guest blog, carefully. ...
  5. Put People First. Build relationships. ...
  6. Put yourself out there. ...
  7. Be Like Water. ...
  8. Achieve Mastery.
Oct 28, 2017

What is the success rate of SEO marketing? ›

SEO-generated leads have a 15% closing rate. 88.28% of SEOs charge $150/hour or less for their services. Google has 85.55% of the global search engine market. 75% of people will never go past the first page of google.

What marketing content gets the best results? ›

Best Content Marketing Formats That Really Work
  • Blog Posts. The first type of content on our list is the blog since it is the most dominant form of content on the web. ...
  • Long-Form Content. ...
  • Podcasts. ...
  • Email Newsletter for Lead Nurturing. ...
  • Video. ...
  • Authoritative Content. ...
  • Infographics. ...
  • How-To Guides.
Dec 11, 2020

What are the top 7 benefits of SEO marketing? ›

Top 8 SEO Benefits
  • SEO Benefit 1: Brings Organic Search Traffic to your Website.
  • SEO Benefit 2: Generates Leads Cost-Effectively.
  • SEO Benefit 3: Increases Brand Awareness.
  • SEO Benefit 4: Gets You Ahead of the Competition.
  • SEO Benefit 5: Optimizes Your Website for Mobile Users.
  • SEO Benefit 6: Builds Trust.

How can SEO attract customers? ›

SEO makes your business more visible

The main reason for any business to implement an SEO strategy is to rise in search rankings. Ever hear the phrase, “it's good to be on top?” Well when you consider that the first five organic search results get over 67% of all the clicks, you can see that it's true.

What are the top 10 benefits of SEO? ›

  • SEO gives 24/7 Promotion.
  • SEO Gains More Clicks than PPC.
  • SEO Improves Your Site's User Experience.
  • SEO Helps you Generate Quality Leads.
  • SEO Increases Brand Visibility.
  • SEO Focuses Entire Marketing Funnel.
  • SEO Builds Brand Credibility and Trust.
  • SEO Amplifies PPC Success.
Mar 15, 2023

What is the most important thing in email marketing? ›

Audience's Permission

The most important key in an email marketing campaign is to get the permission of the audience before contacting them. Members, who are not subscribed to your marketing emails, should NEVER be sent an email whatever the reasons.

How much email marketing is effective? ›

Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. The same study also shows that the buying process happens 3 times faster than in social media.

What businesses benefit the most from email marketing? ›

Which Industries Lead in Email Marketing?
  1. Retail. Retail is the top-performing industry in the benchmark as multiline and mono brand retailers dominate. ...
  2. Financial Services. ...
  3. Travel and Hospitality. ...
  4. Manufacturing and Natural Resources. ...
  5. Consumer Goods. ...
  6. Healthcare.
Sep 7, 2021

What are the 3 types of email marketing? ›

To aid you, I will highlight three important types of email marketing that you can use to earn the attention of your customers and prospects.
  • Email Newsletters. ...
  • Transactional Emails. ...
  • Behavioral Emails.

Is email marketing a good strategy? ›

That's right! Email marketing outperforms all online marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing! An email marketing strategy is an important part of any marketing strategy. Email is the most cost-effective way to promote your products, communicate with your customers and reach your business goals.

How SEO is better than Google Ads? ›

SEO strategies can take weeks or months to yield real results, while Google Ads can deliver near-instantaneous bursts of traffic. Google Ads as a marketing tool can be turned on and off at will, while SEO delivers consistent organic results over the long term.


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