Buy Facebook Page Verification (2023)

Buy Facebook Page Verification

What Is Facebook Page Verification Blue Badge?

Facebook is almost as if everyone has a Facebook. It’s a social site that has become your primary method of communication these days. It is not for sharing pictures anymore, and not for connecting with friends. It’s a place where you can make connections, express yourself and be yourself. If you’re like most people, you’re using Facebook more than ever. And it can be a great way to keep in touch with people you care about.

If you’re not a Facebook user, then you’re wondering how it started. And how it became the world’s largest social network. The answer is simple—it started with Mark Zuckerberg. A Harvard student who wanted a place where people could post updates. With photos and other content. He developed a prototype of the social network known as “The Face Book”. And then launched the site with more than 500 college friends in 2004. The site was later renamed to “Facebook“, and today it has 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs).

Facebook Pages are a great way to share information. With your friends and family and build a large audience all from one page. But, if you want to do more than share information, like add a poll, you will need to verify your page. Verification is done through a blue badge that can be found in the Pages section of the Facebook app. If you are interested in adding a poll to your Page, you will need to verify your page.

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Buy Facebook Page Verification Badge

Facebook has a broad user base with over a billion users. This alone makes it a great place for businesses to market their products and services. But, if you have a Facebook business page, you may still be struggling to gain popularity. Facebook business pages are competing with other pages for attention. Making it hard to get your Facebook business page to the top of the newsfeed. Fortunately, there is a way to make your Facebook business page more visible. And that is by buying Facebook verification badge. With the badge, it shows your Facebook business page is true and authentic. Your potential customers and followers are more likely to engage with your page and more likely to like and share your page.

Facebook has very strict guidelines for pages when it comes to the number of likes and fans they have. Facebook ensures that all likes are real people, and not fake or spam accounts. To make sure your page is verified, you will need to be reviewed and approved by Facebook. This process can take between 7 and 14 days and once you have reached 100k fans. You will be allowed to verify your Facebook page. You can buy Facebook page verification, but it is not easy today. A few online service providers also offer Facebook page verification, and we are one of them. We are perfect for doing this task, and we are handling with . Buy Facebook Verification Badge

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Why should you buy Facebook page verification?

Facebook page and account have many advantages. You can take help from this platform to bond. With your friends, relatives, family members, and even with fresh people.

For your online business idea, this platform is very important. It helps you to sell more products or advertise your services in a targeted market. It raises the opportunity of making enough money. Facebook marketing also can be done by your page SEO. It gives you a chance to get ranking your page. To drive your traffic to your targeted link, you can add a link on your page which also help you to increase sale.

Have you decided to buy Facebook Page Verification?

If yes, first of all, check our package price for buying verification. For this, you can chat or contact us by Skype or WhatsApp. And you should keep in mind at first that you don’t think to compromise the quality for the price. Buy Facebook Verification Badge We never deceive the clients by offering low prices. Before investing, make sure that the services are safe and secure. We also announced sample proof of our previous task.

Once you own your Facebook page, you will wish to buy Facebook Page Verification. If you don’t buy Facebook Page Verification, your page will look suspicious to your followers and they won’t trust your brand. Facebook doesn’t allow you to choose someone to vouch for you. You need to get verified from the Facebook verification page. Are you running a business and trying to decide if it’s a good idea or not to buy Facebook page verification? Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users as of October 2017. If you’re not one of them, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your business and brand.

Why You Buy It From Us?

For the past one year only we have been providing this service with fidelity. And to this day no one has reported anything bad. For this you can check our Blue Badge of this service.

Our website first provides some real Blue Badge & Exchanges from real humans. We don’t use proxy or bot. Again, we have a money-back policy where we refund unsatisfied customer Service. Our delivery is always fast and always on time. Try our website, it is best for buying Facebook Page Verification.

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It won’t because we provide 100% permanent Badge as we have a large group to work together. But why we are best to let’s know:

Customer support 24/7

We offer all time weekly and monthly package.

We use an active and verified phone accounts.

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Benefits Of Facebook Page Verification Badge

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Facebook Page Verification is a new feature that allows companies to reward their users for having a verified Facebook Page. The feature offers several benefits for companies and users. Including the ability for brands to more manage their Facebook Page.

Facebook page verification can be a great tool for building your online brand. Helping you build credibility and credibility with your demographic. And connecting with new people. It also allows your account to be protected from spam and other forms of abuse. As well as offers two-factor authentication for accessing your account.

Facebook knows the importance of having a good social presence. To attract new fans and customers, companies, organizations. And individuals will have businesses pages on Facebook, and Twitter. Facebook rewards businesses and brands for their social presence by allowing them. To add a verification badge to their pages.

Imagine, that you’ve been a Facebook user for years. During all those time, you’ve had this desire to unlock that verification badge. And now, you have finally accomplished it. Seeing your verification badge in the Facebook app, as well as in the desktop version. But now, you think, “What will I do now?”

Additional Information

Significant of Buying Facebook Page Verification. There are a lot of importance to buying Facebook page verification. Facebook users should be aware of the information that they would set in their version.

Facebook page verification provides safety and security for the individual information of the user.

A verified account has utmost security.

The account has less chance to hack.

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The verified page always uses PVA made with an authentic IP address.

PVA is very safe and promotes your business without any restriction.

The verification page can avoid scams.

If you’re a Facebook page owner and you want to make sure that the people who like your page are real. You should add a blue badge to your page. This is an easy way to ensure that people who like your page are real, who are not bots or spammers. You do not need to create a login for your page. Although it’s not a bad idea to use your own Facebook account to verify that the person is who they say they are.

Is it legal to buy Facebook page verification?

Of course, buying page verification is always safe by maintaining the proper rules and regulations. Plus, you should find out an expert. And experienced team service to complete your task successfully.

If your hired team can follow the terms and conditions of Facebook. You will verify your Facebook page without any issues. According to the rules, provide a cover photo and profile photo, which make your profile safe.

Facebook verification is a badge that Facebook page admins can add to their brand pages. This verification is considered a sign of authenticity. And means that Facebook has verified that the page in question is authentic. But do you need it for your brand page? Should you buy Facebook page verification? Find out here!

“For a monthly fee…” When you think of possible Facebook ads, Facebook placement. And engagement are not the first things you think about. But why not? You see, Facebook ads are a proven and effective way to push your content and brand to your target audience. Plus, Facebook ads can be affordable.

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Can you buy Facebook verification? ›

Zuckerberg's solution is officially called Meta Verified, and it will allow Facebook and Instagram users to pay a monthly fee to get a blue checkmark next to their name. Meta Verified will cost $11.99 per month if purchased on the web or $14.99 per month if purchased via the company's iOS apps.

How much does it cost to verify a Facebook page? ›

Verification on Facebook and Instagram will now cost around $12 per month. Getting verified on Facebook and Instagram will now cost at least $12 a month, as the social media giant seems to be taking a cue from Twitter. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Getting verified on Facebook and Instagram used to be free.

Can we buy blue tick on Facebook? ›

You can also apply for the verified badge for a profile or Page if you are a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements outlined below. You can fill out this form to verify your profile or page. Note: Meta Verified is available to verify profiles only, not Pages.

How do I qualify for Facebook page verification? ›

To be considered for a blue verified badge, Facebook Pages and profiles must adhere to our Terms of Service and Community Standards, as well as have a profile photo, cover photo and a Page name that follows our guidelines. Instagram accounts must follow our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Can you buy verified accounts? ›

Don't buy a badge

Under no circumstances does Instagram let users buy, sell, or otherwise transfer their verified badge. If you see an account that advertises the ability to get you one either for free or for a “small fee,” like the one below, don't fall for the scam.

How much does Facebook blue tick cost? ›

1,450 per month on mobile and Rs. 1,099 for web access to Facebook and Instagram. The subscription will grant a blue tick to verified accounts on both platforms, as well as an additional layer of protection by validating each account with a government-issued ID, minimising the danger of account impersonation.

Is it hard to get Facebook page verified? ›

Getting verified shows that you're a legitimate, credible brand. The process isn't easy (as you'll see shortly) and many people/brands have tried to get verified and failed, so Facebook users know if they see that blue checkmark, it's for real.

How do I pay for meta verification? ›

Click 'Accounts Center', then 'Meta Verified'. If it's available for your account, you will see 'Meta Verified available' under your name and profile photo. Select your preferred payment method for your monthly payment.

How much does meta verified cost? ›

How Much Does Meta Verified Cost? Meta Verified costs $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on iOS and Android. The charge is a monthly recurring fee.

Can anyone buy a blue tick now? ›

Facebook and Instagram users can now pay for their blue verified tick with the new Meta Verification subscription bundle that's aimed at creators who want to build their communities and increase their security and reach on these popular social media platforms.

Can anyone pay for a blue tick? ›

Instagram and Facebook users will now be able to pay for a blue tick verification, parent company Meta has announced. Meta Verified will cost $11.99 (£9.96) a month on web, or $14.99 for iPhone users.

Who can buy blue tick? ›

Eligibility criteria for the blue checkmark

Only accounts actively subscribed to Twitter Blue are eligible to receive the blue checkmark. Non-Deceptive: Your account must have no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle) Your account must have no signs of being misleading or deceptive.

How many followers do I need to verify my page? ›

Choose the type of account you want to verify. Ensure the number of your followers is over 500; otherwise, you won't be able to apply for the badge.

How do I claim an unverified Facebook page? ›

To claim your non official Local Page you must:
  1. Connect to Facebook.
  2. Search for your Local Page by name.
  3. Click on “Is this your business?”
  4. Choose to merge the Local Page with another Local Page that you already manage. ...
  5. Fill out the claim form.

How many followers does it take to get verified? ›

There is no required number of followers that you need to get verified on Instagram. Having said that, one of the core requirements for getting approved is having a notable account. This means that your account must represent a well-known and highly searched-for person, brand, or business.

What is the cost of blue tick? ›

Twitter Blue subscription that guarantees blue tick launched in India, priced at Rs 900 per month.

Where to buy verified social media accounts? ›

8 Best Marketplaces to Buy and Sell Social Media Accounts
  • FameSwap Review.
  • Flippa Review.
  • SocialTradia Review.
  • Swapd Review.
  • Toofame Review.
  • Accs-Market Review.
  • EpicNPC Review.
  • ViralAccounts Review.

Do you need 1000 followers to get verified? ›

Keep in mind that there's no exact number of followers you need to have to qualify for a verification badge.

How much Facebook pays for 10,000 views? ›

(Ad CPM x ad views)/1,000 = Your earnings.

' This is the price you pay for 1,000 impressions on your Facebook ad, depending on what kind of content you create, the target audience, and so on. For example, if your ad CPM was $4 and your video had 10,000 views, it would net you $40.

How do celebrities get blue ticks on Facebook? ›

The verified badge means Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents. We don't use the verified badge to endorse or recognize public figures or brands.

How much can I earn with a Facebook page with 1000 likes? ›

How Much Can I Earn With a Facebook Page With 1,000 Followers? With a Facebook page with 1000 followers/likes you can earn from $1 to $100 per day, depending on the monetization strategy you choose.

Do you need over a 1000 followers to be verified on Facebook? ›

To be verified on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there is no definitive number of followers required.

How do I verify my Facebook page 2023? ›

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the verification form. You can choose to apply for verification for your personal Facebook profile or your business page. You'll need your profile URL to proceed with the application.

How much does e verify cost? ›

E-Verify is free and easy to use. E-Verify provides an automated link to Government records to help employers confirm the employment eligibility of new hires.

Who is eligible for Meta verified? ›

To be eligible for a Meta Verified subscription on Instagram, you must be at least 18 years old. Only individual profiles are eligible for Meta Verified subscriptions at this time. Business profiles are not eligible for Meta Verified subscriptions.

Does Meta pay charge a fee? ›

There are no fees from Meta when using Meta Pay. However, PayPal may charge fees to their users for certain types of transactions. Also there may be fees charged to people who receive money for personal fundraisers or if they or businesses are selling items on Facebook.

Is Meta verified available in USA? ›

For now, Meta Verified is available to individuals aged 18 or over in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. You must use your real name on your profile, and that name must match your government ID.

Is Meta verified offered to everyone? ›

Meta Verified is currently only being tested in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. To be eligible, you must: Be at least 18 years old. Have a profile associated with your full name and a profile picture that includes your face.

Does Facebook Meta cost money? ›

Meta announced that it would begin charging $11.99 a month for a blue badge on Facebook and Instagram. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month.

Can you pay to be verified? ›

Earlier this year, Meta announced its plans to introduce a new paid subscription that will let users verify the authenticity of their account via a government ID to get a blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram.

Can anyone get blue tick for 8 dollars? ›

Instead of the Twitter 'blue tick' being offered to users who have an active and notable account, or what Musk calls a 'lords & peasants system', the tick will now be available to only Twitter Blue subscribers at the price of $8 per month.

What is 8 dollar charge for blue tick? ›

With every debate on the topic, he keeps chiming 'will cost $8'. Soon after taking over the company, Musk announced that Twitter will charge USD 8 (around ₹660) per month from verified (blue tick) accounts. He asserted that such actions are needed to make the $44 billion takeover viable.

How do you get a blue tick without being famous? ›

Make sure your tweets are set to public. Once all this is done, go to our Settings, then click 'Your account' and then you should see a section called 'Verified'. Here you can click 'Request verification'.

Do people trust verified accounts more? ›

Even when the brand seems suited to the social media influencer, consumers do not trust verified accounts more than their unverified counterparts.

When can I buy a blue checkmark? ›

4. Your account must be older than 90 days and have a confirmed phone number. Twitter has added a time element, so accounts must be over 90 days old to be verified. They also need to have a confirmed phone number — without this there is no way to get verified even with Twitter blue.

Can I get verified with 15k followers? ›

There's no exact minimum number of followers you need in order to be verified on Instagram.

How to get 5000 followers on Facebook for free? ›

Use Facebook Groups: Join groups related to your niche and share your content there. This will help you reach a wider audience and gain new followers who are interested in your content. Promote your page: Share your page on other social media platforms, your website, and in your email signature.

How do people with 1,000 followers get verified? ›

As long as you are able to prove that you are a “notable,” or highly searched for, person (or your account represents a widely recognized business or organization), you can get your account verified regardless of your number of followers.

Does Facebook delete unverified accounts? ›

Unconfirmed accounts

It's important to confirm your email address or phone number when you first create your Facebook account. If your account is unconfirmed and hasn't been used at all for a year after creation, it may be disabled and deleted.

How many followers do I need to get paid on Facebook? ›

How many followers do you need on Facebook to make money? The more followers you have, the easier it is to make money. Most of Facebook's new monetization features (including in-stream Facebook ads and fan subscription services) are only available to Facebook pages with more than 10,000 followers.

How much does Instagram pay for 1k followers? ›

Instagram accounts with 1,000 followers make $1,420/month on average and up to $100 per sponsored post. However, Instagram does not pay influencers directly, so you can begin making money whenever you land your first sponsorship deal or join an affiliate program, even if you don't have 1,000 followers yet.

How many followers do you need to get paid? ›

The good news is, there's no strict minimum. Five influencers Insider interviewed — all with under 6,000 Instagram followers — said they got paid by brands to post to their small audiences.

How much does Meta verified cost? ›

How Much Does Meta Verified Cost? Meta Verified costs $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on iOS and Android. The charge is a monthly recurring fee.

How do I pay for Meta verification? ›

Click 'Accounts Center', then 'Meta Verified'. If it's available for your account, you will see 'Meta Verified available' under your name and profile photo. Select your preferred payment method for your monthly payment.

How can we buy blue tick? ›

Eligibility criteria for the blue checkmark
  1. Your account must have no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle)
  2. Your account must have no signs of being misleading or deceptive.
  3. Your account must have no signs of engaging in platform manipulation and spam.

Can anyone get Meta verified now? ›

Can anyone subscribe to Meta Verified? Yes, anyone in the countries where it's been rolled out who is at least 18 years old and can provide a photo of a government-issued ID can subscribe to Meta Verified.

Can everybody get Meta verified? ›

Can anyone be Meta Verified? For now, Meta Verified is available to individuals aged 18 or over in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. You must use your real name on your profile, and that name must match your government ID.

Is it hard to get Facebook verified? ›

Although in theory, anyone can get verified on Facebook, they have to meet strict verification criteria in order to get approved. Besides following the company's terms of service, your account should be: Authentic: It should represent a real person, entity or business.

How do I buy Meta on Facebook? ›

How to Buy Facebook (META) Stock
  1. Determine If You Want to Buy Facebook Stock. ...
  2. Find a Brokerage and Open an Account. ...
  3. Put Money into the Brokerage Account. ...
  4. Decide How Much to Invest in Facebook. ...
  5. Choose Your Order Type and Buy Stock. ...
  6. Evaluate Facebook's Performance.
Nov 4, 2022

Can you buy a verification tick? ›

Instagram and Facebook users will now be able to pay for a blue tick verification, parent company Meta has announced. Meta Verified will cost $11.99 (£9.96) a month on web, or $14.99 for iPhone users.

How many followers do you need for a blue tick? ›

Keep in mind that there's no exact number of followers you need to have to qualify for a verification badge. Whether you have 100,000+ followers or less than 10,000 followers, you can still apply if you meet the criteria noted above.

How big can a blue tick get? ›

Blueticks are speedy and compact nocturnal hunters named for the mottled (or 'ticked' ) black-and-blue pattern of the glossy coat. A large male can top out at 27 inches and 80 pounds; females are smaller.

How many blue tick users are there? ›

More than 400,000 Twitter accounts currently have blue ticks, which marks them as an authentic source and are usually given to prominent accounts such as those belonging to celebrities, politicians, journalists, government departments and major corporations.


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