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I’ve been an elementary school reading teacher, a reading interventionist, and now a reading instructional coach. Plus, I’ve got a 7 year old daughter who is obsessed with reading! I’ve had so much fun compiling this list of the best chapter books for 6th graders. In fact, this list was supposed to be just 10 books, but I couldn’t stop adding more of my favorites.

I decided to sort my list, just like the others, by guided reading level. Of course, you may have a struggling reader who is not on grade level, or a kiddo who is a year or more advanced. Not to worry; I have lists for other grade levels and topics, too.

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1How to Help Your 6th Grader Choose their Chapter Books

2Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level W

3Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level X

4Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level Y

5Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level Z

How to Help Your 6th Grader Choose their Chapter Books

These are the best chapter books for 6th graders; on average, they’ll read between a T-Z in the 6th grade. If your child is reading below grade level, don’t be afraid to check out my lists for 4th and 5th grade; you’ll still find some that will interest a preteen.

If a kid is super interested in the content of a book, they’ll sometimes be able to access books that are one reading level higher than you’d expect.

The reverse is also true, if the content bores them completely, they may not be able to read as well. That’s because motivation plays an important part in reading endurance and decoding ability.

For example, my daughter’s current guided reading level is an S. She’s a strong reader who will be entering 2nd grade soon. She’ll make quite a few decoding errors if she attempts to read a book on a guided reading level T. However, she absolutely loves fiction with a female protagonist and an element of fantasy or magic – books like Matilda by Roald Dahl, for example. She will push past her decoding mistakes and manage to have strong comprehension with books that fit this niche.

However, if she’s got to read nonfiction about animals like crocodiles or sharks, she will sometimes comprehend less of what she’s reading, even if it’s technically on grade level. This is normal behavior.

In other words – prioritize interest over exact reading level. The goal is to be in the ballpark on the reading level, and then choose the highest interest books for your child. This will foster a love of reading for your kiddo!

If there’s a book that I want my daughter to enjoy that’s outside her normal wheelhouse, I’ll often read the first few chapters with her at night. Sharing this family time together allows her to be more open minded about new books.

Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level W

Kids at the beginning of 6th grade read at a level W, on average. If you think your child reads more or less on grade level, start with this collection between August and November and see how it goes!

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Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level X

On average, 6th graders read at a guided reading level X around the winter holiday.

Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level Y

On average, 6th graders will read on a guided reading level Y between winter and spring break.

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Best Chapter Books for 6th Graders on a Guided Reading Level Z

By late spring, most 6th graders who are on track are reading at a guided reading level Z. Here are some of my favorite choices.

I hope you found something to read with your kiddos from this book list! Good luck, parents and teachers!

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