12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (2023)

You’re about at see a sortierung of 12 liberate downloadable Word cover zeichen template we’ve selected just for you!

This list will deliver.

We’ve spent hours look used the best loose yet professional S Phrase templates to cover alphabetical consequently you don’t possess to.

Let’s cut to the chase.

This article will show she:

  • Free Word cover zuschriften templates better than 9 out of 10 others.
  • Examples of downloadable Word cover schrift generated starting choose on the Internet.
  • His selection of professional Word cover letter templates.
  • Instructions switch how to use a cover newsletter template in Phrase.

Or, you might want to jump right into our biography constructor or having your cv and cover letter ready in a snap. Here’s a sample resume and lid letter constructed in our contractors. Create Word and PDF documents from Microsoft Forms | Microsoft ...

Want to write autochthonous covers letter fast?Use our cover letter builder. Perceive 20+ screen letter templates and create your cover buchstabe go.that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tip along the way.

Created your cover letter now

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (1)

Use this cover letter template

Cover Letter fork a Resume—See more cover letter examples here.

On is willingness users, Nikos, had this to say:

[I used] adenine nice template IODIN found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same squeeze.

Note: we have designed all our resume templates to be ATS-scannable.

Looking for resume templates? Visit our home: Resume Submission Word: 15+ Free CV/Resume Sizing to Download

If you are looking for a cover letter example available a specific field, sees:

  • Business Cover Mail
  • Customer Service Cover Letter
  • Direktor Cover Letter
  • Generic Cover Letter
  • Graphic Designer Cover Letter
  • High School Cover Letter
  • IT Cover Schriftzug
  • Reporting Cover Letter
  • Offices Assistant Cover Letter
  • Recent Graduate Cover Letter
  • Teacher Cover Letter

You can find other template here:

  • Modern Cover Letter Template
  • Google Docs Cover Letter Template
  • Entry Level Cover Letters Template
  • Character of Motivate Template

Title Sending Template: Word—Free Downloadable Sample


(Video) Resume Cover Letter Templates || Cover Letter Examples in ms word 2019

Crisp and Clean

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (2)

This modern Microsoft Word cover letter template was co-developed on Microsoft and BOO. Simple mechanical design elements not only make it an original look but also divide it into easily scannable sections. Sein yellowy-orange colors hint along creatively and attraction the reader’s focus. 12 Cover Letter Generate for Microsoft Word (Free Download)

Here’s the link to this Word covers letter template.


Zoki Design’s Free Template

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (3)

This minimal, available Word cover letter template has been created according Behance’s Zoki Design. The two-column layout keeps the clutter at bay, and leave you take full advantage of adenine single page’s real estate. It’s fully customizable the available for download in three file formats (Photoshop, Illustrator, and MISS Word).

Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.


Bold Monogram

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (4)

A good monogram is nope toward be scoffs at. For Louis Vuitton knows this, there’s definitely something to it! The titled bold monogram, well-planned two-column layout, real eye-catching colors are whats makes these free Word cover anschreiben template hard to snub. Attention-grabber ought to be seine middle name.

Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.


Simple Resume

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (5)

Leonardo DaVinci reportedly say that simplicity belongs the final sophistication. This simple Word cover letter template is easily editable plus ready for print. The ingeniously minimal blue stripe along of left edge remote an involuntary nod of getting. Comes in three formats: Term, Pages, press Google Docs.

Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.


Blue Sky

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (6)

If the sky’s the limit, the Dark Heavens FEMALE News cover writing template willing make you soar. It’s fashionable and comprehensive customizable. Its clean positioning and goods usage of white area help the reviewer concentrate. Plus, the color blue stimulates clear thought and has adenine comfortable effect. Microsoft for Nonprofits

Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.


(Video) Free Cover Letter Templates

Prof Fresher Cover Newsletter

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (7)

This professional cover letter template for Speak focuses on the content. Its tradition blueprint plus formatting allow for no distractions. The subtle triangles graphic elements at the top the bottom make it look inconspicuously original. Collaborate anywhere with Microsoft Word to create and split across all devices

Here’s the link to this Phrase cover letter template.


Current Photo

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (8)

Colorful and original. This free cover letter template for Word will work best for creative individuals who become inclined to move mountains. Or even flip them upside go! With all these gradient additions, even a short hide letter becoming look great. Eye-catching, well-organized, stylish, and playfully professional.

Here’s the link to like Word hide letter template.



12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (9)

This resume cover sheet are modest or elegant. It’s been specifically designed in such an way as to give your names special prominence. Its traditional design is entirely distraction-free.

Here’s an link to such Word covering letter template.


Free Modest Resume Template

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (10)

This slick professional Talk cover letter template happen straight from Behance’s Paul Resume. Thanks till one two-column layout it’s free from clutter, both you can easily focus on of letter’s main bodywork. To can download it for get as a News, Photoshop, other Illustrator file format. Azura since Students – Free Account Credit | Microsoft Azure

Here’s of link till this Word cover letter style.



12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (11)

Creativity knows no limits. Sometimes it takes one forming starting one creative cover letter template for Word. The Creative template, developed by MOO in cooperation on Microsoft, combines interesting graphic elements, colors, and fonts to achieve a truly synergistic act. For those who value creativity (and zigzags.)

Here’s the link to on Word covers letter stencil.


(Video) Write an Amazing Cover Letter: 3 Golden Rules (Template included)

Graphicpup’s Reopen Freebie

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (12)

Black furthermore white will always be in vogue. This Word title letter template is perfect for artists, designers, and other creatives. All the more so, as it’s part by a resume, portfolio, real cover written bundle. Available for download as MS Word, PS, AI, or PDF, among others. Fully customizable. Very effective heading.

Here’s the link to this Word cover buchstabe template.



12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (13)

A monogram. A outstanding heading. Twin poles. A row are modern icons at the bottom to top this all off. Is it balanced possible at get more polished than that? This free Word top letter templates will surely get you noticed. Learn How to Creation Customs Letters for Your Scrapbook Page

Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.

How to Receive a Cover Written Template on Microsoft Word?

In are two options:

1. Use Microsoft Word on Your Hard Drive

Wenn you have a copy of Microsoft Word on your hard drive, whole you really have in do be download yours Word cover letter template of choice, double-click at the file, furthermore start editing. (Oh, you may are to unzip a column or two together the way.)


This option is not entirely free because you need to either have an Office 365 subscription otherwise own an prior version of MILLIMETER Speak.

2. Use Microsoft Word Online for Cost-free


You don’t have an Office 365 subscription, but you’d still love till use Microsoft Word and one off who Word cover letter templates coming our list. With Microsoft Azure for Student, get one $100 get when you create autochthonous free account. There is no credit card needed and 12 months of free Azure solutions.

Here’s the good news:

It’s doable, 100% cost-free, and legal. But—

It’s doesn the most effective method. (More go is below.)

This is how to edge an cover letter template in Word Online

  1. Create adenine free Microsoft account here.
  2. Is you even a Microsoft account, character in here.
  3. To start using Word Online, just click on the app launcher icon in the top left cner and selecting Word.


Yours ability select one regarding aforementioned basic Word cover letter templates available straight from Word Online, and start editing right away.


You capacity download one of the best Word cover letter templates from our list.

(Video) How to create Cover letter in 5 minutes? Europass Cover letter | Download free UK Cover letter

And this is where the fun begins, because—

Word Online doesn’t support the .dotx file format, which is the standard for Word cover letter templates.

So, aforementioned is what you need to do:

  1. Convert of .dotx into .docx. Use a free online file converter. Like this ready, for example.
  2. Upload the translated file to your One Drive. ONE simple drag and drop will do aforementioned job!
  3. Open the file press how editing.

But beware!

The converted files tend to live truly... unruly.

Bitte are some ask I came across:

  1. Some Word cover letter templates aren’t fully editable. (Sooo, frustrating!)
  2. The formatting looks a bit off at some documents. But—comes back to normal when you export the download to PDF. (All this exists quite disorienting, really.) Free Microsoft Word lid note models is available for Department users. Hierher be how to downloads and use these templates to write your own letter.
  3. The processing process biased to be veeeeeery time-consuming. (I verbrachte more time trying until figure things out than doing anything meaningful.)

So, how around giving our resume creator a try? It be save you barrel concerning time, and you’ll have your resume or matching cover letter ready in a flash!

Here’s adenine taste cover letter and resume template available is our builder:

Plus, a wonderful cover letter that matches your resume bequeath give you an advantage over sundry candidates. Yourself can write it in our cover letter builder here.Here's what it may look like:

12 Free Microsoft Word Cover Letter Templates to Download (14)

See more cover letter templates and start writers.

Key Results

  • The Internet is mindbogglingly big, but:
  • If you dig deep enough, it’s possible to seek well designed, clear Word cover letter templates. Plus, most of them do a matching Talk resume template.
  • Create sure that Word cover letter template you choose matches the industry and employer.
  • Several regarding the Word cover letter document can be total customized for free with the use of Word Online.
  • But remind: at the end of the daylight you get what yours pay for, so set your expectancy accordingly.

And remember:

Even though ampere Word cover template allowed look impressive, e still need something more than lorem ipsum.

So, before thee start written, readHow To Write ADENINE Cover Letter at 8 Simple Steps (+12 Examples).

And let’s not forget a cover letter would mean anything without ampere winning resume!

Here’s a tabbed of our guide you might be interested in:

Start with the basics: How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples)

Choose the best resume format for their needs:


Check exit what to hacky to resuming using resume search, also avoidances creating some typical mistakes:

(Video) How to Write a Cover Letter For Resume | create job resume Cover Letter | free template

Were there any various Word cover schrift templates that you think we could add to our selection? Any you experiencing any matters with Word cover letter templates? You’re welcome to reach outwards to used in the comments below!


How do I download a cover letter template from Microsoft to Word? ›

If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, you can use the following steps to create a cover letter template:
  1. Open Microsoft Word. ...
  2. Search and select a template. ...
  3. Customize your template. ...
  4. Visit the Microsoft cover letter templates website. ...
  5. Browse the cover letter templates. ...
  6. Customize your template.
Feb 16, 2023

Where can I get a free cover letter template? ›

With Canva's free online cover letter maker, you can handpick a design from our suite of professionally designed templates, write your well-thought-out message, and you're ready to go.

Is there a cover letter template in Microsoft Word? ›

If you need help creating a resume or cover letter, start with one of the dozens of professionally-designed resume and cover letter templates that are available in Word. Go to File > New. In the search box, type Resume or Cover Letter. Double-click the template you want to use.

How do I download free resume templates for Word? ›

Visit Microsoft's templates page. Click Resumes and Cover Letters.
To access these resume templates from your computer:
  1. Open Microsoft Word and go to File > New.
  2. Type resume into the search box.
  3. Click on a resume template that you want to use.
  4. Click Create to open the resume template in MS Word.
Sep 13, 2022

How do I find downloaded Word templates? ›

In Word 2010, 2013, or 2016, select File > Options > Add-Ins. , and then select Word Options > Add-ins. In the Manage list, select Word Add-ins, and then click Go. Click the Templates tab.

Is it okay to copy a cover letter template? ›

Don't copy the cover letter from somewhere. It should be original. Plagiarism is the worst thing you could do. Don't simply repeat the information as given in your resume.

What are the 3 types of cover letters? ›

There are three main types of cover letters: the application cover letter, the prospecting cover letter, and the networking cover letter. Short emails (we call these “non-cover letter cover letters”) are also an effective and increasingly common way to introduce your resume.

What is the best format for a cover letter? ›

To properly format a cover letter, use popular cover letter fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica, and set the font to 11–12 points. Remember to keep the margins 1-inch wide on all sides. The spacing of the cover letter should be 1–1.15 between lines and double between paragraphs.

Should cover letters be PDF or Word? ›

Notably, sending your cover letter as a PDF has some widely accepted pros over using the Word document format: PDFs are thought to look more professional. PDFs won't present font or formatting issues.

Can you use Microsoft Word for free? ›

Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more for free on the web.

Is there a free resume builder for Microsoft Word? ›

Where Can You Find Word Resume Templates for Free?
  • Launch Microsoft Word.
  • Start creating a new document.
  • Click on Resume and Cover Letter, or type “resume” into the search bar.
  • Select the Word resume template you like.
  • Click Create and start editing the template in Word.

Does Microsoft Word have free resume templates? ›

Yes, both the Microsoft Word website and desktop application have free resume templates. You can find them in the File menu by choosing to create a new document.

Are free resume templates really free? ›

Yes, it's free! And it's incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is select one of our ATS-friendly resume templates. Then you can personalize the template for each job you're applying for by filling out our simple forms.

Why can't i download Word templates? ›

Install Office updates

If you're unable to download templates from Office apps, it may be because your Office apps are not running the latest updates.

Where would you click to find templates? ›

Select File > New. Choose a template or type a key word or phrase into the Search for online templates and themes field, and press Enter. When you find the template that you want, select it to see the details, and then select Create.

What types of templates are available in Microsoft Word? ›

Different Types of Templates
  • Normal. ...
  • User Templates - These can be loaded manually.
  • Workgroup Templates - These can be loaded manually.
  • Global Templates - These load automatically whenever Word is open and must be saved in your startup folder.
Apr 2, 2023

What is the difference between a template and a document in Word? ›

A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when you open it. For example, a business plan is a common document that is written in Word. Instead of creating the structure of the business plan from scratch, you can use a template with predefined page layout, fonts, margins, and styles.

How do I find templates in Office 365? ›

If you are using Office 365 (the online version) you will notice an icon in the bottom right corner of your email that looks like a blank sheet with a blue lightening bolt. This is your templates icon. Click on it to reveal your list of email templates.

Do companies know if you copy a cover letter? ›

Human resources personnel at the organization where you're looking for work are likely to read your cover letter solely. If this is not your first time sending a cover letter to a company, it is almost sure that you have submitted a previously plagiarized document to them.

What is the difference between a cover letter and a template? ›

A job application letter template is a letter that contains your intentions about the job, while a cover letter introduces the applicant and is usually submitted together with a resume.

Do employers read cover letters? ›

Do employers really read cover letters? The simple answer is, yes ‒ most of the time. Many employers like to see a cover letter because it shows two important things: that the candidate has gone the extra mile and that the candidate is serious about their application.

What are the three golden rules for the cover letter? ›

The Six Golden Rules for Writing a Cover Letter
  • A tailored, personal approach. Hearn estimates only about 30 per cent of cover letters address the job advertisement. ...
  • Garnish with passion. ...
  • Spelling matters. ...
  • Avoid Dear Sir or Madam. ...
  • Research gives the edge. ...
  • Beware of jargon.

What are the 4 key things that should be included on a cover letter? ›

Key Elements of a Cover Letter
  • Information about you.
  • Date.
  • Contact Person's Name, Title, Employer, and Address.
  • Salutation.
  • Opening Paragraph.
  • Middle Paragraph.
  • Second Middle Paragraph.
  • Contact Information and Closing.

What are the 4 C's used to write a cover letter include? ›

Use the 𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁 recruiter for the…

To become an employer magnet, they'll need a handful of essential qualities known as the 4 C's: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking.

What should you not include in a cover letter? ›

What not to include in a cover letter
  • Spelling mistakes. For any job position you may be applying for, this is a cardinal sin. ...
  • Personal information. Employers are not interested in your personal life. ...
  • Salary expectations. ...
  • Too much information. ...
  • Negative comments. ...
  • Lies or exaggerations. ...
  • Empty claims.
Aug 12, 2022

What does an employer look for in a cover letter? ›

Recruiters say your cover letter should be succinct and: Show how your achievements relate to the role. Highlight how your skills and work experience are what the employer needs. Show genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the role.

Should you use the Word I in a cover letter? ›

Your cover letter is not your autobiography. The focus should be on how you meet an employer's needs, not on your life story. Avoid the perception of being self-centered by minimizing your use of the word "I," especially at the beginning of your sentences.

Do employers prefer Word of PDF? ›

Recruiters will specify in the job posting which file format you should send your resume; If they didn't, or they gave you a free choice, always go with PDF; Avoid sending both Doc and PDF, as this will overwhelm the hiring manager process.

Do employers prefer PDF or Word? ›

Most employers will accept either a Word document or PDF file, leaving the decision up to you. Although both file types have their own pros and cons, PDF is usually the better choice. Sending your resume as a PDF file will preserve the formatting and ensure that the document looks exactly the way you intended.

Why can't I download Microsoft Word for free? ›

No, You Can't Use the Microsoft Word App on PC (or Mac) for Free. There's an important version of Microsoft Word you can't use for free: the local desktop app for Windows. This is a source of confusion for those who buy a new Windows computer. Most Windows installations have Office apps installed by default.

Is Microsoft Word better than Google Docs? ›

File compatibility

While both Word and Docs are compatible with the most commonly used word processing formats like Word, PDF, and rich text, Word can import its files much more quickly and is much better at displaying complex file formats consistently across different programs of the Microsoft family.

What should I say in a cover letter? ›

When writing a cover letter, you should:
  • introduce yourself.
  • mention the job (or kind of job) you're applying for (or looking for)
  • show that your skills and experience match the skills and experience needed to do the job.
  • encourage the reader to read your resume.
Dec 18, 2018

How can I make a resume completely free? ›

How to make a resume
  1. Open Canva. Open up Canva and search for "Resume" to start designing your own.
  2. Find the right template. Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed resume templates. ...
  3. Personalize your resume. ...
  4. Get creative with more features. ...
  5. Order your prints.

How far back should a resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

How can I download my resume from resume now for free? ›

Go to your Dashboard to view your resume. In the top right corner you will see some icons. Using those icons, you are able to print your resume or download it as a PDF or TXT file.

Why does resume now keep charging me? ›

If you are currently receiving charges, they are most likely from another resume building website. If you believe a charge has been made without your approval, please contact your bank. Some common charges that are reported to us are below. We've included links we found online for their support sites.

Can you copy a cover letter template? ›

Don't copy the cover letter from somewhere. It should be original. Plagiarism is the worst thing you could do. Don't simply repeat the information as given in your resume.

How do I insert a cover letter in Word? ›

To use a cover letter or resume template in Word, open Microsoft Word. Click on New to create a new document. In the Search for online templates area, type in "cover letter" or "resume" and click the magnifying glass to search.

How do I copy a Word template in Word? ›

Open the file that you want to copy the style to – you may need to change the filter from Word Templates to All Word Documents. Select the style to copy, click Copy -> and then Close.

Is a cover letter sent as a PDF? ›

Notably, sending your cover letter as a PDF has some widely accepted pros over using the Word document format: PDFs are thought to look more professional. PDFs won't present font or formatting issues. PDFs can work with any operating system (unlike Word documents)

How do I copy a Word template from a PDF? ›

Open a PDF file in Acrobat.
  1. Open a PDF file in Acrobat.
  2. Click on the “Export PDF” tool in the right pane.
  3. Choose Microsoft Word as your export format, and then choose “Word Document.”
  4. Click “Export.” ...
  5. Save your new Word file:

How do I copy one Word document to another without losing formatting? ›

The Paste Options

button lets you select formatting options and is on by default. If you don't see the button, it might be turned off.
Turn on the Paste Options button
  1. Go to File > Options > Advanced.
  2. In the Cut, copy, and paste section, select Show Paste Options button when content is pasted.
  3. Select OK.

How can I create a cover letter? ›

How to Write a Cover Letter
  1. Start With a Header.
  2. Address the Reader.
  3. 3. Make a Proper Introduction.
  4. Explain Why You're the Perfect Fit.
  5. Show Your Motivation to Join the Company.
  6. Close With a Promise.
  7. Stay Formal in the Closing Salutation.
  8. Add a Postscript.
Mar 8, 2023

Does Microsoft like cover letters? ›

You want to catch a recruiter's attention with your resume and cover letter, and Microsoft offers some tips for doing just that: Not only does the company want to hear about your strengths and talents on your resume and cover letter, but it wants to hear how you would use those traits in the job for which you're ...

Should a cover letter be in the same document as resume? ›

Job hunting electronically requires finesse. Keeping your cover letter with your resume, in a single document lessens the chance of losing that impressive letter, and it's easier for a potential employer to print.


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